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WeaverDice20 (WD20 for short) is the rule system that succeeded skitterdice. It was made by Oroboros, heavily based on Skitterdice, which was based on Wildbow's Weaverdice (WD for short).

SD and WD20 also have taken inspirations and mechanics from the d20 System, that some may be familiar with from RPGs like Dungeons&Dragons, Pathfinder or Mutants & Masterminds.

WD20's main points over SD are making skill choices more meaningful, implementing the costume rules properly, and a faster pace of balance changes and tweaks, as well as clearing up a lot of unclear wording left over from original WD20.

Major Revisions

WD 2.0 (2019-01-29)

Update Details Defence skills revision

  • splits withstand into Guard and Withstand
  • introduces new shields
  • heavy armor you use now affects how many and how well you can utilize defense skills

AP, KB & KD updates (2019-01-04)

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