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The longest-standing faction in the city, led jointly by the GH-native clustermates Shorty and Renaissance.

Status Defunct
Alignment Hero
Leaders Shorty & Renaissance

Mission Statement

There's a war raging on our streets, just outside of your doorsteps. It has war crimes. Child soldiers. Collateral damage. We are, of course, talking about capes. Heroes and villains, duking it out on the streets. We're going to put a stop to the destruction and death. We will redeem villains where we can, and eliminate threats where we can't. Neither will we tolerate excesses by so-called heroes. We are Uplift. We are the future. You can help us bring this future about. Donate now!

-Uplift brochure


Founded to unite the fragmented heroes of the city under one banner.

Controlled all of the territory in the city for a while.

Redeemed villains: Myriad, Templar, Wintermute, Frostpunk, Hysteria, Fossegrim

Eliminated threats: Antiacid, Alcazar, Pantheon

Eliminated threats: Pax, FosseGrim

Parahumans Online

I heard there's free beheadings happening at Uplift base. ~Debugone

They sell more drugs than the villains ~KrystalKlear

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