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The Union

“Welcome to a a political revolution which will transform America. The Union. The Union is not only going to help Grand Haven, but transform the way that capes and citizens interact with one another. With your help, we are going to create an economy and government which works for all Americans, not just the one percent. Welcome to a movement which rejects, LOUDLY and CLEARLY, the greed, corruption, xenophobia and lies which infect the USA government and PRT. Intolerance will no longer be tolerated. All of that is going to end. The Union will end it.

The principles of the Union are based on justice: economic justice, social justice, racial justice and environmental justice. No longer will we let the Elite work hand in hand with PRT. No longer will we let shady Government blacksites pour corruption and monsters into our streets. No. The Union will not stand idly by and allow 3 people in this country to own more wealth than the bottom HALF. We will no longer accept our citizens living paycheck to paycheck, frightened to death about what happens to them financially if a cape breaks their car or a tinker poisons the water.

These are the promises of the Union. An Injury to one of us is an injury to all. Power to the people. Power to the Union.”

Redshifts speech, announcing the formation of the Union.

Status Defunct
Alignment Villain
Leader(s) Redshift

Mission Statement

The Union is a radical left wing protest group, straddling the line between benevolent socialist rogues and blatantly evil communist fanatics. The Union claims to be a cape group which puts civilians first, and has a large number (currently 60 or so) of civilian members. Every member gets a vote on the groups policies, cape or non-cape.

Solid PR work has so far ensured that public perception of the group remains good. Beneath the surface, however, the Union has subtle ties to organized crime, and a worrying lust for power.

Redshift believes the ends justify the means. What those ends are remains to be seen.


- Occupied the Fairbanks factory

- Started anti-cape riots to cover the jailbreak of Queen.

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