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Children of Three

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Mission Statement

The Children of Three is a group designed around ascension through the rejection of basic evils. We understand that Greed, Wastefulness and Cruelty have become the rooted into modern society. Whether it be the governments that burn away our freedoms or the corporations that discard us once they can't turn a profit, one way or another man has been lead to a great sin. We the Enlightened understand that the Endbringers are merely God's will in action, instruments of raw power designed to punish humanity for their great sins. We must cast out the powers that seek to shroud us in their evils. Hiding terrible secrets inside of blacksites for no one's eyes but their own. How could any be foolish enough to trust a power that does not trust them? We the Enlightened understand that God will not cease his wrath until the evils of this world are cast out. We are the Children of the Three, those who understand that Endbringers are to be both feared and worshiped. For God's wrath seeks to cast out sin and sin alone.

-Motus, church founder


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