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 ====== Vesuvius ​ ====== ====== Vesuvius ​ ======
-A red headed pyrokinetic+A red headed pyrokinetic, Vesuvius turned up on the streets two months ago and since then has attempted to make a name for herself.
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 ====== Powers ====== ====== Powers ======
-One pyrokinetic blaster ​who'​s ​just always on fire. She makes clones ​of fire fairly reguarly.+Vesuvius is a pryokinetic ​who'​s ​shown to use fire in a range of different ways
 +This includes attacking and creating clones out of her flames.
 ====== Costume Description ====== ====== Costume Description ======
 /*How do they look?*/ /*How do they look?*/
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