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Status Active
Classification Breaker
Faction Independent
Alias Uranus, Nyx, Zeus, Hephaestus
Age 25
Origin Grand Haven


Tetrarchy appears to be 4 individuals with access to the same three breaker forms. One form is a metal man burning with raw heat, capable of increased strength and hardening the metal plates; another is a void filled with faint stars and pouring a subzero fog, capable of blinding others with the stars and breathing a cone of subzero air; lastly is a form made of crystal sparking with energy, capable of throwing crystals that surge the ground with energy, destroying said crystals to create larger shock pulses, and creating more layers of crystal on top of the core. Each form appears to only be able to be held for a short time

Costume Description

Tetrarchy uniforms are a blocky half plate suit painted black with streaks of dark blue, metallic red, and pale yellow along the arms and across the chestplate. Their masks are odd, a mail veil over their upper faces held tightly in place by wires.





Parahumans Online

”This isn’t a power, it’s a personality disorder.” - iThinkTherefore

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