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“Stellar (VC): No more. The parahumans in this city have just learned a grave lesson on responsibility, and I expect they will learn several more in the coming days. Not just Villains, but the supposed Heroes as well. Things Will Not Change, until those who allowed this to happen are taken to task.”

Status Active
Classification Shaker
Faction Children of Three
Alias Anthony William Anderson
Age 26
Origin Sedro Woolley, WA


Conjures orbs of force and heat that orbit at a fixed speed and distance from him, which function as his primary method of inflicting damage. Has a very crude gravity-based telekinesis, that he uses to fire rubble and to produce more esoteric effects.

Costume Description

Wears a set of armor made by Forge. It is made of an unidentified black metallic substance, with a distinctive glassy sheen. Small pinpricks of light hover just over the surface of the armor; whether they're a property of Stellar's powers or the armor is unknown. Carries a shield made of the same material, with a spiral galaxy emblazoned on the front in gold. Helmet notably incorporates a series of cameras.





08/18 Stellar arrives in Grand Haven
08/21 Joined the Church of Three
09/01 Fought against Uprising takeover, and failed
09/10 Shorty dissolves the CoT, and forms Uplift. Stellar joins as a founding member
10/01 CoT compound is burned down by Nightingales
10/11 Killed Sommelier, of the Nightingales
10/25 Left Uplift, citing conflicting attitudes between himself and Uplift leadership over handling of villains
10/26 Killed Christian, of the Nightingales, left Cyrano in Dominion custody, and Ripper in Uplift custody
10/31 Church is brought back by a miracle
11/01 Stellar endorses Firebrand as leader of the new church, and rejoins
12/18 Hired as Security Chief at the Aethernet Nightclub
01/02 Participated in raid against Deep Court

“You wanted to make some ripples, huh.”
He places his boot on Sommelier's head.
“Let's make some fucking waves.”


Parahumans Online
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