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Sir Rebral

Status Active
Classification Thinker
Faction Avalon
Alias Nathan Wagner
Age 21
Origin TBD


Combat thinker with eye lasers. Posses an eidetic memory in addition to picking up skills faster. Eyes pulse at regular intervals with a faint light, which can increase in intensity and rate as more exotic skills are used.

Costume Description

Man, about 5 foot 11. Wears a smartly cut grey suit and a mask which covers his whole face. The mask has holes only for his eyes, and is dyed a garish array of colors. Across his back are a multitude of sheathes and bandoleers for his weapons.



Member of Avalon, and friends with a tinker named Ryan.


None currently


Lost a hand at the house, replaced by Orion. Killed Frostpunk.

Parahumans Online
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