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Publicly known as a temperamental but fair and forgiving hero. Has always actively sought out and shutdown extreme criminal organization. Cluster trigger alongside Renaissance, Debutante, and Blacklight.

Status Active
Classification Striker
Faction Uplift
Alias Amelia
Age Undisclosed
Origin Grand Haven


Size manipulation striker. Often seen throwing around buses and cars that she carries around in her utility belt. Has been known to walk around town as a 30ft tall version of herself.

Costume Description

But without the guns



Renaissance, Firebrand


Depends who she's after today


  • Member and briefly leader of the Children of Three (no longer)
  • Co-Founder and Leader of Uplift with clustermate Renaissance.
  • Credited for the capture of the terrorists known as Antiacid and Alcazar. Fate is publicly unknown.
  • Captured Mirage after their murder of Swathe. Mirage was redeemed by becoming a hero in Uplift under the name Myriad.
  • Beheaded Elite member Pax after unclear circumstances. Publicly denounced Pax as a terrorist.
  • Attempted redemption of Templar and Wintermute through Uplift after their membership with the Nightingales. Cleared their kill order. After unclear circumstances, both left Grand Haven.
  • Assisted in creation and construction of the Nightclub
  • Pseudo adoption of child cape Knight Light
Parahumans Online

Shorty: I have a plan.

Renaissance: It can't involve throwing buses or cutting off heads.

Shorty: I have no plan.


Shorty is the kind of hero this city needs more of. The best partner you could wish for! ~Reign

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