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Robbing hood

Robbing Hood is a previously anarchist associated cape who took a brief hiatus from Grand Haven after his Merry Men imploded. Now works under Redshift for the Union.

Status Active
Classification Thinker
Faction The Union
Alias Pierre Abelard, Adroit
Age 16
Origin Haiti


RH can do almost anything within human limits that he applies himself to. In addition, he has occasional bursts of superhuman acumen, and had displayed hybrid, or entirely new, combat techniques in the field, which would likely spawn imitation styles if he ever acquired fame.

Costume Description



Omen (Deceased) - Young cape who he helped out after a chance meeting. Lived together. Merry Man. Killed mu Muscleler. Muscleler (Missing, presumed dead) - The first of Robbing Hood's Merry Men. Killed Omen. Unknown fate. Haunt (Retired) - Helped him learn to use his power correctly. Queen (Transformed) - Had brief encounters with Queen pre second trigger as Adroit. Likely wouldn't recognize her now. Redshift (Boss) - Absolute loyalty Naiad - Prospective love interest, fellow union cape. Tengu - Tries to keep him from dying Instinct - Thinks he's arrogant, no conviction.


No current major enemies to speak of, though Muscleler would die if she cropped up again. Potential outstanding grudge with Weatherman and Red Light.


Arrived in Grand Haven Began selling drugs and hosting parties Omen moved in Spent time with Epicenter and Flicker (then Drifter) Fought with Epicenter Failed to subsume Zenith Founded the Merry Men Left after the Merry Men dissolved due to Muscleler and Omen. Returned Joined the Union Became a devotee of Redshift Assisted Haunt with his power troubles Took down Weatherman and Red Light unharmed at the beach protest.

Parahumans Online
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