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Prince Pestilent

“Prince Pesitlent, Baron of Buboes, Count of Contagion, Duke of Disease and Marquis of Maladies at your service!”

Status Birdcaged
Classification Tinker
Faction Deplorables
Alias Micah Blake
Age 24
Origin Florida


Disease tinker, capable of creating a range of viruses, bacteria and parasites to wreak havock. Reliant on vectors such as gas and needles to deliver his diseases. A field test tinker, he needs to test his diseases on live humans to progress. Cautious of his PR, he modifies his diseases to die after several generations outside of his biome to prevent accidental escalation into full blown plagues.

Since his arrival in Grand Haven, Prince has begun producing and selling quantities of a tinker drug known as Phage. Nothing could possibly be bad about this.

Costume Description

Prince wears a dapper miltitary dress uniform that evokes ~1920's european styles, amalgamated with a tinkertech frame of pipes and tubing that feeds various glowing green liquids and gases around his body. A tinkertech pistol and numerous needles and medical tools are strapped to his chest, which is typically puffed out with pride. His face is obscured with a tinkertech mask, haphazardly painted to resemble a crowned skull. Prince's left hand bears a thick gauntlet. The right hand is gloved, with a hole cut out to reveal a styilised swan tattoo.



Baron, FosseGrim, Sovereign, Taranis, Parasite, Requiem, Hecatoncheir.


Anti-biotics. Pretty much everyone after he was kill ordered.


Former sycophant and friend of Baron, was given a vial by Baron to swell the Deplorables ranks in Florida. Messed up on his first outing as a cape, and was sent to Grand Haven to scout it for new opportunities.

Invented Phage.

Scanned the Deep Court capes for Uplift.

Hijacked Grand Haven TV studio.

Hosted the Grand Haven villain moot.

Intimidated Avalon into releasing Glyph.

Secluded himself in his lab for two months, before emerging and poisoning the city's water supply with Phage. His goal was to create a large number of addicts reliant on his product, and rule through the control this gave him.

Kill ordered in response to this, and for participating in a simulation in which he virus bombed most of North America and Canada, killing hundreds of thousands.

After a three week reign of terror, he assaulted city hall, aiming to steal the keys to the city. He defeated many of the heroes opposing him, but was betrayed by the Mean Girls, resulting in his defeat and incarceration in the Birdcage.

Parahumans Online

Still smells better than 90% of the capes in Uplift. ~DeepCaught

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