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Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Dominion
Alias Luke Castle
Age 22
Origin Grand Haven


Petshop is a Tinker/Master classification whose specialization is equipping technology to animals. It is unknown how exactly he controls said animals but their behavior is very clearly dictated by him. Known creations include: A gorilla with saw blades grafted to its arms, multiple canines with lasers attached to their backs, and a small kitten with a holographic projector attached to its back.

Costume Description

Petshop appears as a man around 5'9 wearing a long trench coat with dark colored clothing underneath. His face is covered by a blue surgical mask and dark sunglasses while his hands are covered by white gloves.



Peeking Debbie, Dominion


Anyone who goes against him or Dominion


Parahumans Online
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