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Status Active
Classification Blaster
Faction None
Alias Unknown
Age ~18
Origin Grand Haven


Necrosis is known to be able to shoot tethers of flesh from her body which seem to sap heat upon hitting organic matter. However in a battle against a massive plesiophage she was seen causing burns to the creature with her tether until it ultimately sparked up in flames and died. Others have reported the sensation of electric shocks when stung by her tethers.

Costume Description

A young woman in her late teens who stands at a short height of 5'2“ and has snow white shoulder length hair. The lower portion of her face is hidden behind a white cloak cape, while her body is covered by a black cat suit made of some type of synthetic weave. Dotting her costume are various pieces of black armor which have holes strewn about them. However these holes look intentional and not caused by damage.

For her original costume see: Costume Image



Seen hanging around and holding hands with Impulsum.




Aided in capturing the public menace Paradox, a tinker with the ability to create powerful hallucinogens. Paradox was inflicting his devices upon civilians in order to try and cut of the money supply of drug dealers.

According to public records requests she was also a participant in the battle over Prince Pestilent's plague rocket, fighting on the side of Avalon and other heroes.

Was seen helping to kill a giant four legged monster in the South East side of town with the help of other heroes such as Archangel of Uplift and Impulsum who was with Prosperity at the time.

At some point in time she became a founding member of Safeguard alongside Supercell and Metatron.

Not much is known about the battle to capture Prince Pestilent but according to various reports Necrosis fought alongside other heroes to keep Rage infected civilians away from the main battle. She then stayed behind and aided with the medical efforts for fallen heroes and villains.

It has been reported that she split from Safeguard though why is unknown as the organization has not released any information about Necrosis leaving.

Parahumans Online

Why does this small time cape even have a page? ~XxCapeWiz97xX

A very promising cape with a fantastic set of morals. Deserves all the praise she gets. ~Impulsum

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