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Status Active
Classification Mover
Faction Uplift
Alias Stephanie Chemin
Age 19
Origin Grand Haven


Gravitas is a grab-bag cape, possessing a variety of abilities, which, while not altering significantly from an observed baseline, seem to change infrequently, gaining different properties and generally becoming stronger at certain times, at the expense of other aspects of her powerset. This Trump-like aspect to her powers, however, is officially unconfirmed.

Her primary power is a Mover ability, allowing her to change how the force of gravity affects her, as well as nearby objects (although this aspect seems relatively limited). This allows her to fly by essentially choosing where to fall, and make kicks enhanced by the acceleration of her falling body.

One of her secondary powers is a Master/Striker ability, described as an “awe-touch”, that, as the name implies, inflicts intense feelings of undirected awe in living things she touches.

She also has limited Tinker powers, being able to easily build a set of Tinkertech boots that apparently help cushion her falls and keep her footing when struck, as well as doing nasty damage when she destroys them in a kick.

There are rumors of her possessing an unknown Thinker power, increasing the precision of her strikes and allowing her to more easily strike opponents while moving, but these rumors are unconfirmed as of now.

Costume Description

Gravitas is a tall, slim figure, in a white bodysuit, the Uplift logo pinned to it on the left side of her chest, various black arrows designs moving down to her legs, which are clad in black and white boots up to mid-thigh, with a sharpened metal shock-absorber on each curving down under her feet. She wears a white half-mask, with black-tinted plastic covering her eyes, black arrow designs curling out from around the lenses.



Frostwarden (Girlfriend)

Clarion (Clustermate)


Bully (Kill-ordered Mass-murderer)


Parahumans Online
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