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Good Knight

Status Active
Classification Master
Faction Avalon
Alias Formerly known as Helios. Real name: Erio McMillan
Age 21
Origin Grand Haven


Good Knight can drain and manipulate light in a fairly large area, even blocking sunlight after a while. This light shapes into Knights, which he can control. There is no upper limit known.

Costume Description

Good Knight is clad in a silver and white, faintly glowing suit of armor. They carry a pitch black greatsword on their back and two swords and a shield on their belt. The armor sparkles with mesmerising light and on the front of his chestplate is the logo of Avalon.



Ruff Knight, Mid Knight, Frostpunk, Prodigal, Speedrun


Liam Goodman


They founded Avalon and created three homeless shelters in their name.

Parahumans Online

So, I thought Good Knight was hot, but ew. Look at him. He looks like he's dying ~Knightsaresexy

Why I want a Tinkertech dragon pet? It's 60% a desire to annoy Good Knight with dragon related jokes, not going to lie. ~Frostwarden

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