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A hero that has been one of the longest living heroes in grand haven. Once Redlight of the team uplift, then Prismix after a year of getting hit by busses. After aiding in a behemoth fight he changed his priorities and rebranded.

Status Active
Classification Striker
Faction Respite
Alias Previously Redlight. Previously Prismix.
Age Early twenties.
Origin Grand Haven


Seemed to give himself injuries to summon up constructs and effects (Weapons, Armor, Minions, etc.) Soon before the behemoth fight he showed a new power. Summoning up spirits of fallen capes that seem to rotate around his person in battle.

Costume Description

Wearing a full white body suit, Boots and gloves with gold trim. He also wears what looks to be Very light armor on his torso with feather imprinted pauldrons. His helmet resembles a crest of a bird with full face coverage and a Pitch black visor.



Has been seen hanging out with, Now missing, Cape Vindicant at multiple bars as Prismix. More than likely Friends or at least associates with other respite members.


No self Declared enemies.


First seen fighting in the smithy in a full red body suit with a red visor showing off his lower face and hair. Soon joined previous cape faction known as Uplift.

Disappeared for a year, Seems to curse to himself about “[REDACTED] Bus shakers.” Any shaker showing inclinations towards buses either have not shown themselves or do not exist.

After reappearing he changed his costume to a dark leather jacket with golden highlights and a golden helmet and called himself 'Prismix' Named after the Prism and a 'Mix of Various effects'.

Created a faction with ally Vindicant alongside tinker 'Mad Hatter' And others named “Respite”

After aiding and fighting in the behemoth attack on Kandy, Sri Lanka. Changed his costume again due to a “Change in priorities and self.” And started calling himself 'Erlking' Germanic for Alder King which stretches to Elf king.

Parahumans Online
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