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“Nothing will stop me from helping you. Whether you want me to or not.”

Status Deceased (supposedly)
Classification Thinker
Faction Dominion
Alias Hazel Fletcher (Miss Meteor, Prodigal)
Age 27
Origin USA (Grand Haven)


Publicly known as a skill thinker who could rapidly gain mastery in any skill - for a very brief duration. Her power was believed to involve tapping into memories and skill sets of other parahumans, leading to major shifts in personality and attitude. Had some minor powers, most notable of which was hard light weapon creation. Rumored to possess a trump aspect to her abilities, but this was unconfirmed.

Costume Description

A regal figure in flowing red robes and gleaming silver armour, with a delicately carved hawk-like metal mask. A sword scabbard swings at her side and the hilts of knives protrude from several discrete holsters. Her costume and gear are all of exquisite quality.



Renaissance, Shorty, Pax, Requiem, Ferox, Templar, Blacklight, Omni, Firebrand, Apocalytpo.


Renaissance, Shorty, Pax, Requiem, Ferox, Templar, Tombstone, Beldam, Inks, The Unconcious.


Cluster trigger with Renaissance, Blacklight and Shorty.

Mastermind who led the Elite cell within Grand Haven, which turned into Dominion. Orchestrated the Quartet/Uprising conspiracy to infiltrate and undermine the old factions of Grand Haven, leading to the downfall of Second Suns, Lawbound and the Untamed. Dead. Murdered by the Unconcious after a fight, for publically unconfirmed reasons. Civilian ID confirmed as Hazel Fletcher after death.

Joined the Elite. Shortly afterwards, masterminded the Quartet conspiracy with Blacklight.

Deposed Royale, the previous Elite leader, and siezed control.

Rebuilt Pastor Steven's church with the CoT.

Constructed the Aethernet nightclub, with backing from a variety of sources.

Engineered the Elite - Untamed war, and the subsequent deaths of Tombstone, Bedlam, and others.

Unveiled the Quartet conspiracy, seizing control of half the city.

Began distributing drugs and operating protection rackets over large areas of territory.

Constructed the Smithy fight club in collaboration with Forge.

Saved Shorty from Division Blue by betraying DB to Uplift.

Attempted to murder Shorty in retaliation for the death of Pax, but hesitated.

Blackmailed the Blacksite for information.

Murdered by the Unconcious. Survived.

Became Prodigal.

Parahumans Online

Can you do me and Debutante? I always wanted her to step all over me. ~BaconatorSupreme

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