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“I suggest you try cocaine, meth, and speed before trying me asshole.”

Status Active
Classification ????
Faction Safeguard (Formally Avalon)
Alias The Biker
Age 22
Origin Grand Haven, USA


So far Cottonmouth hasn't gotten into any physical altercations in public, this includes the Smithy. She carries a large curved Tachi on her side so presumably she's a melee fighter as no other weapons have been spotted on her person.

Costume Description

Cottonmouth wears a jet-black pleather biker suit with a notebook and pen at left her side. There are visible bumps along the chest, shoulder, and knee areas where additional protection was sewn into the costume. A crimson helmet with a bold white stripe masks her face, a large curved tachi is sheathed on her right side.





Glyph (Deceased: Gunshot wound to the brain), Atlas (Deceased: Suicide)


One of the newest members of Avalon. Hasn't done anything noteworthy as of yet. They attended a parahuman protest and riled up civilians on accident.

Cottonmouth is no longer presumed to be affiliated with Avalon. (Updated 2/25/19)

Both known enemies of Cottonmouth have been found dead within the span of two months.

Parahumans Online

Honestly who still thinks that motorcycles are cool in 2019? I'll bet you twenty bucks this loser dies on the interstate before a villain gets the chance to off em'.

- MrNiceGuy102

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