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Uplift's teenage emotion controller.

Status Active
Classification Master
Faction Uplift
Alias Ryan Feldtman
Age 18
Origin Grand Haven


Emits powerful, mind affecting screams, capable of altering emotions and inflicting hallucinations, and seems to have some kind of emotion sense. Part of a cluster trigger, secondaries include a small-but-durable forcefield, friction manipulation that allows him to slide acrosd the ground with supernatural speed, and a tinker ability focused around hand-worn claws.

Costume Description

Clarion wears a black, hooded costume, covering and concealing all skin. He wears a metal mask, simple, with round eyeholes and an open mouth with twisting, geometric etchings radiating out from it.



Gravitas, Orion, Prince Pestilent


Magnum Opus, Glimmer, Writhe


Helped peripherally with the Deep Court investigation.

Parahumans Online
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