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 +====== Centigrade ​ ======
 +/* Things between the slash and star are comments. Delete them to make your text visible!*/
 +/* Short Description here*/
 +Seemingly some kind of monstrous cape, Centigrade recently appeared in Grand Haven, and has been a general minor nuisance, terrorizing civilians and committing petty theft and Breaking and Entering.
 +<div right #id width>
 +^Status | Active |
 +^Classification | Breaker |
 +^Faction | Independant |
 +^Age | Unknown|
 +^Origin | Unknown |
 +====== Powers ======
 +Centigrade seems to be some kind of permanent breaker, only ever being seen in their long, insect-like shape, constructed of ash, snow, and cold fire, with a icey head at the front of their long body, which ranges from 5m 7.6m generally. Can move through tight gaps, as well as through others, chilling them to the bone with their cold body.
 +====== Costume Description ======
 +See above.
 +====== Relationships ======
 +===== Friends =====
 +===== Enemies =====
 +RAID bug spray (speculative).
 +====== History ======
 +A recent arrival on the scene, Centigrade hasn't done much in the community besides being generally unnerving and weird, and causing a large uptick in the value of the exterminators in the city.
 +<div box round> ​
 +== Parahumans Online ==
 +/* What has the internet got to say about them? Other capes? This is for others to fill out.*/
 +/*Example comment. ~//​examplecommenternick//​*/​
 +/* Remove this tag if your character is not played anymore. */
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