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Status Active
Alignment Rogue, Villain
Classification Tinker
Faction Grey Market
Age 24 [OOC: this is a lie]
Origin Grand Rapids


A kaiju-tinker with a movie theme, Blockbuster rotates his kaiju based on weekly movie gimmicks, for example deploying a whale-pirate ship loaded with cannons during Pirate movie week. During the Behemoth attack, several of his Kaiju were destroyed and revealed to be hard light holograms projected by drones hidden within the kaiju.

Kaiju vary from 5 to 20 stories tall, and are capable of considerable property damage.

Known Kaiju:

Thriller Whale, flying whale/pirate ship mashup
King Koncrete, 50 foot high stone ape
DIEpod / Big Iron, martian tripod
Hydrasaurus Rex, gigantic three headed dinosaur

Costume Description

A tall young man wearing a suit studded with tinkertech augmentations. His facial features are obscured by a “mask” which appears to be a huge functioning tinkertech camera. His voice is distorted and sounds like an old fashioned radio announcer.



Professor Boom, Sol Invictus, Wellspring, Juncture, Brick.


NEPEA-5 anti-cape entertainment laws, Copyright, Miss Mayhem.


Debuted in Grand Haven, running a series of “rantsona” style cape entertainment broadcasts.

Attacked Dr Nefarious' base, having infiltrated under the guise of filming a documentary.

Faced down Behemoth, ending as one of the few survivors of that event.

Released an explosive documentary alleging wrong doing by Terra and Gaia Inc. Began to deliberately stir the Terra vs Rebellion conflict.

Hosted a live TV show in which Spellbound and Rebellion were forced to fight on air, with maiming on the line for the loser.

Parahumans Online

“You really want to broadcast my revenge on this shithead live on air? You've got balls, Blockbuster, I'll give you that much.” Spellbound

“These puns are worse than the damage im taking, make it stop” - Pybro

“Rantsona looking motherfucker.” - Miss Mayhem

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