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god hes edgy

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction /
Age Unknown
Origin Unknown


Purple gravity stuff. Large sword.

Costume Description

tag Atlas



no one



Parahumans Online

The Emoji Movie is not just a critical flop, but also a metaphor for a Hollywood that is struggling to find the line between branding that audiences love and branding that audiences resent. There's a justifiable self-loathing running through The Emoji Movie, a fragile attempt to deconstruct the meaning of Emojis while also demonstrating the profound possibility that Emojis are the language of the future. ~Guest3247

It would be hard to forgive The Emoji Movie its “meh” plotline and the fact that it is literally one giant ad for apps, but its most unforgivable sin is that it perpetuates the notion that emojis are childish. This movie is like the 'meh' emoji: kinda boring, sorta funny, and totally pointless. ~AynRandy

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