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“Arboretum. A fairly new cape trying to survive in the Grand Haven community.”

Status Active
Classification Tinker?
Faction Deplorables
Alias Unknown
Age Mid-twenties
Origin Unknown


Not much is known yet about this cape’s powers. However, they seem to revolve around his ability to grow powered trees. Some of his equipment appears to be related, if not made, from these trees.

Costume Description

Arboretum appears to be a guy in his mid-twenties wearing a three piece suit of deep green and brown that seems to be made of vines, leaves, and flowers of various different colors. The plants seem to shift and change into different patterns. Flowers of varying colors seem to creep out from under his suit at his neck and arms. He stands tall with a muscular torso. A mask resembling the bark of a tree covers his face, hiding all features except for vivid green eyes and long brown hair, green leaves woven in, that flows to his shoulders. Hung around his shoulders is a cloak of various and vibrant greens. On the cloak is an emblem of a tree growing into a forest.







New to the area. Been in GH for a few months. Has recently joined the Deplorables.

Parahumans Online
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