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This page attempts to put major events that occurred in the campaign on a timeline.

The Hand





Civil War





Four Horsemen




Empire 88 came to town.


Capes that died in Detroit started coming back, much more aggressive. It was eventually revealed to be the responsibility of a master, dubbed 'Death'. He was acting out of grief over the loss of his daughter, who was a bystander at one of the many cape fights.

Flint Crisis

Gold Morning


The bubbled Detroit was mostly fine after GM, and fair bit of exploration of the changed world outside was made. First contact with the Kingdom. Kaiju Swamp situation occured.

The Master Incident

It comes to light that a master had been puppeteering several capes, which leads to chaos among several groups.

Collapse of Faceless

After a series of event leading to Faceless' leader Nike's suicide, the faction was thrown into disarray.

The "Parahuman Murderer" Investigation

A string of murders with likely parahuman perpetrators occures, several capes from all factions help to track down the killers. A house full of murdered SWAT-officers and the death of Parrarell later, Shadowdancer is apprehended in the Graveyard Fight, claiming the life of Renegade.

Bug Invasion/Fog Incident

A fog rolls in over Detroit, with the broadcasted message that all should stay inside while the anonymous perpetratos are searching for an unnamed person. The capes of Detroit unite to resist the Invasion, and with some casualties and help from the Kingdom manage to repel the invasion, killing the Insect Queen in the process. As of January 2019, the city and it's residents are recovering from the aftermath of the crisis.

Sewers & Dinosaurs

For some times, there existed a good population of prehistoric, radioactive creatures in the city's sewer, and many of Detroit's capes helped the silent “Hunter” who were tracking the source. Eventually Hunter, with the help of others, managed to conclusively exterminate the origin, after the culprit escaped death/capture once or twice at seeming impossible odds.

Faceless disbanded around this time due to inactivity, and the remaining members of Hearth joined ranks with Forerunners. Blackbird started a new faction.

Cyborg Invasion

Detroit was overrun by cyborgs, sent/created by the person responsible for Steampunk's body. The threat was eventually overcome by the city's capes, but left the city in ruins yet again.

Warring States

The ruined city provided to be an ample breeding ground for parahuman conflicts. The power balance between factions fluctuated greatly, and several factions where formed, merged, and disbanded during this time.

Some memes about the short-lived factions gave the rise to the moniker, partially inspired by the latest TW game, “Total War: Warring States”.

Horrorshow melded together with Type Two and formed House Macabre. Rebirth merged into Phoenix. Valiant Dawn splintered for Forerunners who's leadership had turned inactive.

Rumours are spreading around Phoenix about them possibly merging with Eclipse or Valiant Dawn.

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