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The MPIA were a group of parahuman private investigators that specialize in parahuman clients, and cases related to parahumans. They had a secondary goal of nipping nascent threats to the city in the bud, by spreading the right information to the right people.

Status Defunct
Alignment Rogue
Leader Morningstar

Mission Statement

“Information's power, and I want to wield any I happen to pick up to its fullest potential.”


The MPIA's sole form of income was the money paid by clients, and any money that was contributed to the office by the group's members.


Formed shortly after Gold Morning, with Morningstar recruiting capes primarily from the PRT. Received a few clients, being approached by the capes Network, Prince Brave, Desperado, and others. Collapsed after most members rejoined the PRT, leaving Morningstar to work as an independent PI.

Parahumans Online
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