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Clarion are a corporate hero team, led by ex-Big Stealer Dante.

Status Defunct
Alignment Hero
Leader Dante

Mission Statement

‘Help people.’ We do usual hero stuff, arrest over killing.


Clarion makes money primarily through deals with organizations on other earths. This includes a deal with Ayin Electric, who bought some of Clarion's old property, and with a union of small-scale farmers on Earth Tet who pay to have their leftover waste products from their farms to be turned back into usable produce and fertilizer.


Clarion was founded after Golden Morning. Clarion's founding members were capes from the Big Force (a merger of the Big Stealers and the Subjugation force that occurred shortly before Golden Morning) who decided to take advantage of the Golden Morning amnesty to turn over a new leaf.

They eventually folded into the Forerunners. tag> hero

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