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Thane is a tinker with an assortment of highly modular, combat focused equipment with “blank slots” within them. These blank slots can be equipped with modules that draw heavily upon the powers of other parahumans.

Status Inactive
Classification Tinker, Trump
Faction Eclipse
Alias Felix Adesso
Age 16
Origin Chicago


Thane's armory typically consists of heavy melee weaponry, light armor, and shields, as well as hundreds of mechanical limbs that protrude from his armor. His fighting style tends to be versatile, but solely effective in close quarters.

Costume Description

Thane appears as a tall figure, with an air of regalia about them. Dresses in black and silver prince's garb, worn over his bodysuit, a skin-tight black and white suit that covers their body up to their neck. Wears a sweeping black cape, an intricate silver crown, and a black domino mask.



Teammates with Killsat, Symphony, and Kinetic Cold. Recently formed an alliance with the Leeches.



Former member of both Blackout and Faceless.

Parahumans Online

This man is a disrespectful monkey. ~Dr. Joseph Paine

I couldn't wish for a better ally. Dependable and laconic, like a housecarl of old! ~Starstrike

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