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Steampunk is a brass cyborg, and an active member of the Forerunners.

Status Active
Classification Changer
Faction Forerunners
Alias Atticus Whelmington
Age 23
Origin Unknown


Steampunk is a changer with the ability to create complex weapons by making contact with machinery. He currently has several weapons, including Crimson King, a sword he created from a motorcycle, and Sapphire Rose, a revolver constructed out of Airsoft guns and a mini-freezer. He has also exhibited the ability to rev his weapons, as well as his own body, to power them up.

Costume Description

Steampunk does not have an official costume, but his brass limbs have been painted to give them a more rugged and coal-stained appearance.



Steampunk is currently dating Zephyr. He is friends with Gacha, Smother, and Incendiary.


Steampunk has made enemies of Bloody Creep and Balthazar.


Steampunk's first appearance was when he was under the control of an AI. After being defeated by Gacha and Incendiary, Steampunk was able to regain control over his body. He has been active member of the Forerunners ever since then.

Parahumans Online

The Forerunners seriously recruited this guy right after he went on a rampage!? I may have just lost all my respect for them. ~Anonymous

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