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Professor Pain

Prof. Pain is a tinker that focuses on quick construction of single-use battlefield items. Deceased, killed by Fractal.

Status Deceased
Classification Tinker
Faction Forerunners
Alias Dr. Joseph Paine
Age old
Origin /


Pain carries around a bag of broken technology, repurposed scrap, and generally wiggly bits. He can assemble technology on the spot from this, often at an unreasonable speed.

Costume Description

He looks like a typical mad scientist, except, since his incarceration within the forerunners, with a black lab coat instead of a white one. He has an eyepatch over one eye, and typically sports a high-tech HUD over the other.



Pain has difficulty making these.


Pain does not have difficulty making these. Killed by Fractal.


League, then forced into Forerunners. Was captured and then killed by Fractal.

Parahumans Online

Rest In Peace. ~randomguy

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