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Posse was a cowboy blaster who was renowned for being the worst cape in the city. His golden heart charmed the hearts and minds of the city until his untimely death at the hands of The Elite before Gold Morning.

Status Deceased
Classification Blaster
Faction Big Stealers
Alias /
Age 29
Origin Michigan


Posse uses six little men made of cinders to attack enemies. He commands them and they fly at the enemy, burning them as well as dealing physical damage. The little men gave Posse vision of the enemy as well as a 360 degree field of view.

Posse also had the ability to consume the souls of dead capes to revive himself. Doing so consumed the body of a random civilian and gave Posse incomplete control of their body.

His little men are currently docile in the control of Khione. It is unknown whether they can revive Posse.

Costume Description

He is a tall man in a cured deerhide vest, with a rough brown overcoat. His leather boots end in a point, each heel adorned with a spur. He wears an uncurled wide-brimmed cowboy hat with six silhouettes of men sitting on the edge, evenly spaced around it. Their legs swing, almost as if they’re conscious. His face is covered up to the eyes by a black bandana.

He often used a horse for travel throughout the city.



Posse was the adopted father of Khione.

He also was a mentor to Nova and Kinetic Cold as well as good friends with the Big Stealers.


He was so weak nobody considered him a true enemy.


Mythos uses Posse as a club in his first fight.

Death 1

Death 2

Death 3 (final)

Parahumans Online

He's an incredible coward. ~Halcyon

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