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 +====== Phoenix ​ ======
 +Phoenix is a resurrection Brute and former member of the Forerunners.
 +<div right #id width>
 +^Status | Retired |
 +^Classification | Brute |
 +^Faction | [[ic:​faction:​forerunners|Forerunners]] |
 +^Alias | Kama Kalani |
 +^Age | 18 |
 +^Origin | Earth-Dalet |
 +====== Powers ======
 +Phoenix is a Brute/​Shifter who returns from the dead when killed. His power makes semi-random alterations to his body on resurrection,​ giving him an assortment of superhuman physical and mental abilities.
 +Phoenix'​s second trigger granted him the power to transform into a golden breaker state, which can fly and shoot powerful beams.
 +====== Costume Description ======
 +Phoenix wears red plate armor with white highlights, a helmet, a short, feathered cape, and a red domino mask. His breaker state is a golden silhouette with four wings.
 +Kama is a dark-skinned,​ athletic young man. He wore glasses in his civvies, but he hasn’t needed them since his trigger. His physique changes slightly based on what superstats he currently has.
 +====== Relationships ======
 +===== Friends =====
 +Phoenix is friends with many of the Wards and younger villains, including [[ic:​cape:​impact|Impact]] and [[ic:​cape:​nike|Nike]]. [[ic:​cape:​aethernaut|Aethernaut]] is his older brother, and they have a younger brother named Koa Kalani.
 +======= Enemies =======
 +An Empire 88 cape named Fire-Eater murdered him and caused his trigger. She vanished after the Empire was forced from the city.
 +====== History ======
 +Phoenix triggered during the [[ic:​faction:​empireeightyeight|Empire 88]] invasion and joined the Protectorate months later. ​
 +He was present during two [[ic:​gold_morning|battles against Scion]], one of which resulted in his death and subsequent second triggering. He was present in the time bubble over Detroit after Scion'​s defeat.
 +<div box round> ​
 +== Parahumans Online ==
 +/* What has the internet got to say about them? Other capes? */
 +Example comment. ~//​examplecommenter//​
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