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Phoenix is a resurrection Brute and former member of the Forerunners.

Status Retired
Classification Brute
Faction Forerunners
Alias Kama Kalani
Age 18
Origin Earth-Dalet


Phoenix is a Brute/Shifter who returns from the dead when killed. His power makes semi-random alterations to his body on resurrection, giving him an assortment of superhuman physical and mental abilities.

Phoenix's second trigger granted him the power to transform into a golden breaker state, which can fly and shoot powerful beams.

Costume Description

Phoenix wears red plate armor with white highlights, a helmet, a short, feathered cape, and a red domino mask. His breaker state is a golden silhouette with four wings.

Kama is a dark-skinned, athletic young man. He wore glasses in his civvies, but he hasn’t needed them since his trigger. His physique changes slightly based on what superstats he currently has.



Phoenix is friends with many of the Wards and younger villains, including Impact and Nike. Aethernaut is his older brother, and they have a younger brother named Koa Kalani.


An Empire 88 cape named Fire-Eater murdered him and caused his trigger. She vanished after the Empire was forced from the city.


Phoenix triggered during the Empire 88 invasion and joined the Protectorate months later.

He was present during two battles against Scion, one of which resulted in his death and subsequent second triggering. He was present in the time bubble over Detroit after Scion's defeat.

Parahumans Online

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