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A long-standing Faceless member.

Status Retired
Classification Changer
Faction Faceless
Alias /
Age 15
Origin Mexico


Generates up to 3 pairs of animal/human limbs of different types, sized to fit her body. Maximum length/size is about a meter. Can also change her own arms to three different forms–Long, wide and flat shield-limbs, brawny super-strong limbs and massive, feathered wings.

Costume Description

Metallic wolf’s mask that goes down to the mouth. There’s two sheathes across her back where she can draw either a wooden baton or an axe. Padded white pleather jacket (and hood with two antler-bone points) with skirt accented in blue. Blue tights underneath padded white boots. Thin white motorcycle gloves. Red scarf looped around her neck, and another red scrap of cloth pinned around her arm. The skirt has a gold ivy-like chain along the waistband, upon which are strung several black-and-red feathers.


A tiny, skinny girl. Pixie-cut curly-brown hair, large hazel eyes and olive skin with freckles. Looks 12-13 due to size, and is only about 5’0 in height due to not eating well and always being on the move during the formative years. She might be cute if she was more taken care of. Big scars crossing down her left eye. Face perpetually in resting-bitch-face. Massive lengthwise scar down her front, spiking around her chest area. Trends towards tomboyish wear.


Friends & Family

Bane is her older-brother figure. She looks up to him and is extremely loyal to him, perennially seeking his approval although they have separate, clashing ideals and argue over them.

Acme is her little-sister figure. She is small and sweet. Ana is very proud of her.

La Divoratrice is her mother figure.

Influx is her mother figure.

Hone was her biological father.

Apex is her father-figure.

Filter was her father-figure.


Halcyon considered Nike her nemesis.


Parahumans Online

One of the worst villains in the city. She's got half the heroes twisted around her little finger, but she's ruthless when it comes down to it. Stuck a tendril through my throat once. Not in. Through. Fuck her. ~Halcyon

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