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Morningstar, formerly Kid Morningstar, is a brute with a forcefield constructed from flame. A student of Crane the Harmonious that ended up in the Wards program. A severe lack of empathy and his power's tendency to flare up on any human contact keeps him a step removed from other people.

Status Retired
Classification Brute
Faction PRT
Alias Adrian Shao
Age 18
Origin New York City


A melee combatant that fights using a combination of gradually wearing down their opponents with his field's defensive capabilities, and keeping pressure on them with vicious, pyrokinetic blows. His field regenerates at a rapid rate, and absorbs any fire it makes contact with to fortify the field. He carries grenades with him to strengthen his own field by detonating them on himself. Morningstar's field is impenetrable by any conventional means. Has displayed use of a pryokinetic blaster power, as well as the ability to propel themselves vertically and horizontally by igniting their field.

Costume Description

Morningstar wears an unzipped black jacket, with a black t-shirt underneath garnished with a flame symbol. Over his face is a gas mask with orange tinted lenses. A bandolier is strapped over their jacket, slotted with seven frag grenades. Wears black, fingerless gloves, and steel-toed boots. A bowie knife hangs in a sheath at their side, and a compact handgun is holstered on the other side. His costume as a whole seems more fitting for a soldier than a superhero. Morningstar stands at a height of 5'6.



Friends with the PRT members Impact, Anvil, Vogue, and Phoenix.

Held an almost older sibling role for Tinkerbell, before he was caught in the time bubble around Detroit following Scion's demise.

Casual relationship with fellow PRT member Isochron.

Has a civilian friendship with Khione and Jackal.


Formerly Satellite, as a fight between the two mutually influenced their powers for the worse.

Intense hatred towards his former mentor Crane the Harmonious.


Before arriving at Detroit, Michigan, Morningstar was an independent, targeting both heroes and villains for resources needed to survive on the streets.

Graveyard Fight, vs Skapare and Nike in civilian identities

Fought against the Elite and Flint Mutants in the week leading to Gold Morning

Involved in conflicts with Scion during Gold Morning, was present for his death in Detroit

Founded the MPIA

Parahumans Online

Little upset about the name change. I thought Kid Morningstar suited him. It's fine, He'll always be Inferno Mikey Mouse in my heart ~Bail_Me_Later

He can be a pretty good teammate, if he spent more time fighting and less regenerating his armor. ~Halcyon

kind of a nerd. not very COOL hahahahaha ~howthecookiecrumbles

Ben 10 with a flaming chili pepper crotch did it better ~AnnoyedAndroid

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