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Mirage is a former Faceless thief, and former member of the Protectorate.

Status Retired
Classification Shifter, Stranger
Faction Faceless, Protectorate
Alias Riley Rao, Bà Chúa Chồn,
Age 21
Origin Earth Dalet


Mirage's power is not publicly known in its entirety.

Mirage is a Shifter, capable of changing her entire body to any appearance she wants, although she is not capable of exactly duplicating the form of any specific person. Mirage also has a social thinker power that makes her a near-perfect actress.

Costume Description

Mirage’s usual “costume” consists of a disguise relevant to wherever she is trying to infiltrate.

Her actual costume, worn when she needs to sneak around or make a public appearance, is a navy blue skintight suit with purple gloves and boots, plus a purple hooded cloak and a navy domino mask. It’s got a big, stylized M on the chest. She takes the form of a dark-skinned, dark-haired woman in costume, with her hair tied into a long side ponytail.



Mirage is engaged to Seema Rao, and their adoptive children are Zoey Rao and Ted Rao.

Mirage was close to most of her Faceless teammates during her time on the team, including La Divoratrice, Influx, Lamenta, and her ex-boyfriend Spriggan.


Mirage deliberately makes few enemies.


Parahumans Online

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