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Kinetic Cold

Status Active
Classification Shaker, Blaster
Faction Eclipse
Alias /
Age 14
Origin Alaska


Kinetic Cold is primarily a cryokinetic, he attacks with frozen objects and draining the warmth from targets. He is also capable of using telekinesis, usually seen on targets that he had already frozen with his power. Additionally, he posses thick sheets of ice armor that he is capable of regenerating.

Costume Description

He can easily be confused for a non cape. Kinetic Cold does not wear a costume, the only easily identifiable feature being his puffy brown parka. He is in full winter gear, with thick fur gloves, and equally insulated boots. He wears a necklace with a ring looped into it. He does not wear a mask, instead choosing to show his face making his identity public.



Kinetic Cold was close friends with Kindred, Posse, Nova, Empress, and Dawn.


Bitter enemies with Asgardian, Abaddon, Fulminant, and Ruin. More tame rivalries with Exit Man and Bowser.


Left Faceless

Left Blackout

Parahumans Online

He gives everyone these cutesy nicknames. Urgh. ~Halcyon

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