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Killsat is an orbital platform tinker and known as the Leader of Eclipse.

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Eclipse
Alias Alastair Palatine
Age 22
Origin NO DATA


Killsat is known to have a wide array of deployable weaponry.

Costume Description

Killsat wears a stiff, slate grey cloak. Immediately eye-catching is the obviously high-tech helmet that encloses most of his head, leaving only the lower part of his face free. The helmet itself is gunmetal grey, with a bright rhombus on the forehead. The rhombus' edges extend further, with the glow turning to teal. Three thin glowing lines connect the downward edges over the eyes. The rest of the helmet's surface is far from plain, riddled with heat sinks and other features.

Killsat's costume (prototype helmet version)



His closest friend are Arcana and Symphony.

Kinetic Cold was his first friend in the city.

He is friends to some degree with every member of Eclipse.

Outside of Eclipse, he has been seen with members of the Leeches. He prefers working with Journeyman and Jackal.

He stopped an illegal street race with Guerrera.

Killsat often talks to Professor Pain.


Killsat despises Blackout, mostly due to the events surrounding KC's defection from the Faceless.


Used to be a member of the Faceless. He founded Eclipse and made an alliance with the Leeches.

Parahumans Online

Kind of a cool guy. Always wakes up my birds, though. Damned energy beams. ~ Bitenkorp

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