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A somewhat nomadic cape, Jackal is a villain currently operating in Detroit. A cape from before the time bubble, he has been active for a number of years, and had arrived in Detroit in the last six months.

Status Active
Classification Blaster, Shaker
Faction Leeches
Alias Jacob Daniels
Age 19
Origin Earth Dalet/New York City


Jackal is capable of firing soundblasts, creating soundwaves, using his soundblasts as rocket jumps, and charging melee weapons and his fists with sound energy. He also posses a weak sound force shield around himself. He also possess a minor thinker power that allows him to detect the emotions of people through their voice.

Costume Description

Black pants, black shirt, black hoodie, black smiling drama mask. Sword strapped to their back, knife and two guns strapped to their belt.


Before he triggered, Jacob had been a boy who had always seen the best in people. Cheerful and positive to the point of being annoying, he was eventually bullied for this during high school, which led to his trigger.

After his trigger, Jacob has generally been more distrusting of people. The amount of betrayals and deaths he has also seen during his time as a cape have added to the distrust. His close brushes with death have also led him to believe that he will probably die within the next five years of his life, leading to him suffering from depression and developing a pessimistic viewpoint of the world as a result.

Despite this, he will still stand up for those he trusts, and prefers to not jump to conclusions, preferring to work things out rather than bull through situations.



In a relationship with Danmaku.

Is the sister of Mezzo, a cape based in Ann Arbour.

Considers Prince Brave a pretty nice kid, despite the whole murder thing.

Due to his history with people, there are very few people Jacob truly trusts. He usually uses his Thinker power to assess people, giving him a general idea of who they are.

Occasionally drinks with Khione and Morningstar as a civilian.


He swore revenge on Bane and Inquisitor for harsh words exchanged during the Flint Mutant Crisis. Allegedly, Bane stole his lunch sandwich and this affected Soundblast so much he second triggered.


Born in New York City, Jacob triggered at the age of 15 due to extensive bullying. After gaining his powers, he ran away from home, eventually ending up in Chicago.

While in Chicago, Jacob took on the name Soundblast, before working for a local cape named Excalibur. The relationship between them would eventually end after Excalibur attempted to kill him, prompting him to kill both her as well as several members of her gang.

With the rest of Excalibur's gang targeting him, Jacob was forced to flee Chicago, ending up in Detroit. After arriving, he was employed by a new cape by the name of Judas, who invited him to join the Children of Cain, alongside a person by the name of Lance. The team soon dissolved after Judas was arrested.

Soundblast than found work with the Big Stealers. He stayed with them, for a while, but eventually left during the Flint mutant crisis, where he second triggered and became an edgelord. After this he left them in a fit of edgy rage and joined the Subjugation Force, which promptly dissolved after Golden Morning.

Parahumans Online

This guy is something of a joke after he went on a destruction spree targeting… basketball courts of all things. ~Halcyon

his second trigger was real unfortunate. ~notkm

Wow, this guy has been around for a long time. He must have seen some stuff! ~Nostalgist

Despite rumours, I've found him to be fairly competent. Helped us secure the LSD supply. ~Starstrike

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