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Long standing Forerunners member. She's kind and never hesitates to run into danger to help her teammates, although this causes her a lot of issues generally.

Status Active
Classification Brute, Breaker
Faction Forerunners
Alias Zoey Rao
Age 14
Origin Earth Dalet


Self density manipulator, Impact can manipulate the density of her own body, this gives her super strength and super durability. She can also lower her density to phase, similar to Haymaker. However impact can't change other items density's only her own. Her power has a safety mechanism that launches her out of the ground if she tries unphasing in it, she abuses this safety mechanism for great mobility and attacks. She calls this phase jumping. She can also power up by charging, this also gives her one giant punch that hits for double the strength of her normal attacks.

Costume Description

She wears a very dark blueish black long coat with gold coloring and armor plating on parts of it. The back of the coat has the forerunners logo colored in gold and the top half of her jumpsuit is gold colored with the number 1 billion written across the chest in black. The lower half of the jumpsuit and shoes have the same color of black as the coat. She has black gloves on as well. Her shoes also have parts of it that are gold and wears black and gold goggles.




Her father figure, she looks up to Haymaker and wishes to one day be as good of a hero as him one day. She's very loyal to him and respects him deeply.


Impact admires Anvil more than any other cape she knows, she sees him as the true and thinks he can do anything. After working with him for months she became his sidekick until recently when she decided to be her own hero from now on. Even so she respects him and takes his opinions and thoughts very seriously.


Impacts mother, she met Taramandal when she joined the team, they quickly bonded and became very close to the point where she asked Taramandal to adopt her. She now lives with her and Mirage. She loves her more than anything in the world but doesn't listen to her often as she thinks Taramandal worries too much over nothing.


Impacts mother, Taramandals fiance, she met Mirage after she dated Taramandal for a while. At first she thought Mirage was changing Taramandal and making her more strict on Impact but eventually realized it was her own fault for not ever listening. She grew attached to Mirage and will protect her at all cost.


Impacts girlfriend and one of the most important people in her lives. At first Nike didn't seem to care for Impact much but by working alongside her to help defeat the Adults and by trying to impress her they became friends. They stayed friends for a while until they decided to try out dating each other, at first Nike wanted to keep it a secret but they eventually came out as dating.


Impacts old boyfriend and the one who helped her through her drinking problem. They became close friends soon after meeting each other and formed a close bond, after Goblet was killed by Empire 88 Impact hasn't been able to forgive herself for his death. She strives to keep getting stronger so she can protect her teammates from a similar fate.


Big sister figure, Khione was one of the earliest people she formed a bond with. Even after Khione went villain she stayed good friends with her and still sees Khione as her big sister. She has a snowflake necklace to remind her of Khione.


Big sister figure, she looks up to Empress for being so kind and loving. One of the other first capes she met, she love Empress almost as much as she loves Taramandal. Impact is still hoping that Empress is alive and hasn't given up hope on finding her.


One of Impacts current closest friends, she thinks Phoenix is sweet and fun to be around but a little socially awkward. She also wishes he'd stop crushing on her because it makes Nike jealous. She's trying to get him to come out of his shell more and be less nervous.


Impact grew very close to Halcyon fairly quickly, even if Halcyon doesn't approve of her and Nike's relationship she still likes her a lot. She's still fairly sad about Halcyon leaving to go explore the world. She keeps the stuffed lion Halcyon gave to her close to her whenever she's feeling sad.


Impacts close friend although a bit jealous that she took up more of Haymakers time she grew attached to Pastiche. She's slowly seeing her as more of another mother figure.


Impacts friend/enemy Duchess after seeing Impacts power and talking to her a bit decided that Impact would join her assassin group and become princess of the Kingdom. Impact doesn't wish to join the group but is freaked out by the fact that Duchess so confident that she'll join. Impact started disliking Duchess but grew close to her after Duchess was there for her after many bad situations.


Impacts best friend, Impact sees Zenith as the best friend she's ever had. They grew fairly close quickly and Impact patrolled with him quite a bit to spend more time with him. She thought he was similar to her in a lot of ways and was happy to have a friend she felt like she could truly depend on.



Parahumans Online

Impact's one of the biggest damn heroes in the city. She might look small, but she has a big heart. And a right hook that's out of this world. ~Halcyon

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