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Halcyon is a combat thinker that uses her sense of airflow to aim her rifle with extraordinary precision. She is also capable of flight using the glider attached to her costume.

Status Retired
Classification Thinker, Mover
Faction PRT
Alias Ren Hirano
Age 22
Origin Kyushu


Halcyon uses her railgun in combat, which combines the properties of a sniper rifle with those of a machine pistol. She can shoot at extreme range. She appears to be using various different types of ammunition.

Halcyon is also capable of gliding on air currents.

Costume Description

Halcyon's costume is a white, reinforced weave that covers her down to her thigh, leaving her arms and most of her legs bare, revealing her olive skin. The part of the costume that draws the most attention (due to its fluttering in the wind) are the dozens of iridescent, metre-long ribbon threads sprouting from the costume. There is a feathery cape that's also fastened to ankles and elbows. Her full-face, porcelain-like mask is featureless plain white. She has a railgun slung on her back, and a utility belt holding the rest of her equipment.



Halcyon is the girlfriend of Aten and the adoptive mother of Tinkerbell.

She befriended Khione and helped her out sometimes, notably with dealing with her uncle.

After initial differences, she looks up to Haymaker as a leader.


She considers Nike her archnemesis.


Ambush Edgy bitch less edgy bitch Anger management GM

Parahumans Online

She's known for being a walking PR nightmare. She bombed that press conference back then so hard by actually threatening a reporter on live TV! ~Kingfisher

She also got in trouble for seriously injuring some villains because of her propensity for headshots. Fuck them, I say. ~VigiFan

Hey! Villains are people too! ~Blanc

She's actually pretty okay once you get to know her. One of my best friends was her daughter and well, Tink turned out fine. It's been a while since I saw her and I miss her. Come back to Detroit soon Halc ~Khione

Asshole ~Jackal

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