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Gungnir was a founding member of Rogue One.

Status Retired
Classification Trump
Faction Rogue One
Alias Emmett Brady
Age 24
Origin Earth Dalet


Gungnir is a Trump/Striker whose powers scale based on what he knows about his opponents. He is able to apply runes to a power-generated spear that contain information and can be used to “buy” various spear effects.

Gungnir's second trigger allowed him to apply these effects to his own body, giving his power a Breaker/Mover element.

Costume Description

Gungnir typically wore a simple, armored, red costume with a maroon scarf around his mouth and neck.



Gungnir was close to his Rogue One allies, including Whelm, Parallel, and Sightline. He soon discovered Ingress was his adoptive mother Dian, and he became rather attached to Battlescar because of Ingress's relationship with Battlescar.


Gungnir's greatest enemy was the Elite assassin Scorched Earth, who killed Gungnir's father and caused his trigger event.


Gungnir was a vigilante for several years before joining Rogue One at age 15. He searched tirelessly for his nemesis Scorched Earth, until eventually he and Oristalla tracked down and killed the villain.

He was a Rogue One member up until the Rogue One civil war, after which he fled to Mexico with Ingress and Patch. Eventually, the small group came to Jacksonville, Florida, where Gungnir lived for the next nine years.

Gungnir was not present at any of the battles against Scion. Sometime after Golden Morning, Gungnir became the leader of a local hero team in Jacksonville.

Parahumans Online

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