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A relatively short-lived cape in the Detroit scene who came from outside the bubble. Most known for capturing Arcana and Professor Pain in a “Saw”-like trap, then murdering Pain and and putting Courier in a grisly dilemma.

Status Deceased
Classification Blaster
Faction Leeches
Age 23
Origin Chicago


Possesses the ability to fire off small objects at high speeds. Additionally, has some form of field allowing her to knock attacks out of the air. Also seen to use a minor mover ability, enabling her to “walk on air”.

Costume Description

Clad in a brown full body suit with armor underneath. She wears a ski mask and long black rubber gloves that end at her elbow. The area around her forearms is thick with multiple layers of fabric, usually with multiple tears in the upper layers. Underneath the first thin layers of cloth is an assortment of rocks, needles and razor blades. She launches these objects through the thin fabric for her attacks.



She tolerates Leech.


Currently every parahuman that is not allied with the Leeches, and most of the ones that are.


Captured Forerunners Professor Pain and Arcana. Fractal told them that she would only let one of the capes go if that cape killed the other. Just as Arcana threw a killing blow at Pain, Fractal knocked them both unconscious, leaving them outside of Forerunners territory. This was filmed and uploaded online.

She abducted Pain once more, this time also taking Courier. She displayed Pain's corpse to show Courier she was serious this time, then forced him to kill a family of three or be killed himself. Courier chose to kill the family to save themselves. Fractal then made Courier kill *her*, as she had realized there was no way to survive the city's anger after this. This was also recorded and uploaded.

Parahumans Online

An absolute psychopath. I recommend immediate termination or incarceration. ~Dr. Joseph Paine

bitch has no chill lmao. ~notkm

If she hadn't arranged her own death, almost every cape in the city would have hunted her down. Almost a pity she got off that easily. But dead's dead. ~Starstrike

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