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Exit Man (Baron)

Member of the authority that makes portals.

Status Active
Classification Mover
Faction Authority
Alias John Doe, Baron, Exodus
Age 20
Origin Earth Dalet


Exit man can create portals over a good distance. He has only been seen making 2 linked portals at once, and his abilities appear restricted by line of sight.

Costume Description

As Exit man he wears white armor and hooded cape. He has a red eye mask, gloves, and boots. He has sheathed gauntlets and a red wagon filled to the brim with weapons.

As Baron he wears an expressionless lavender mask and a violet shirt. He has 2 crossed bandoliers with throwing knives. Has black pants with a machete holstered. Wears a deep purple hooded cape with silver lining and a gold crown on it. Has gloves the same color as his cape and a light blue wagon of weapons with golden blades.



No real friends since he escaped custody and changed name


Hasn't made any enemies as far as he knows.


killed an unpowered robber and proceeded to go missing.

Parahumans Online

Damn, I thought he was one of the pure ones. Guess the Forerunners are really rotten to the core. ~Starstrike(VC)

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