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Cherry Bomb

Cherry Bomb is a rare example of a PC thot not played by Vic or Oberon.

Status Retired
Classification Mover, Striker
Faction Protectorate, Rogue One
Alias Marie Cranston
Age 20
Origin Earth Dalet


Cherry Bomb is a Mover whose movement is powered by small, short-range rocket blasts. She can use these blasts for offense and defense, on top of her natural Brute powers.

Costume Description

Cherry Bomb is a dark-skinned woman with hair dyed bright red and yellow. Her body is tattooed heavily, although most of her tattoos are covered by her costume, a skintight red-and-black bodysuit.



Cherry Bomb is Sarcophagus's lover, and was Firepower's brother. She is also Chiron's daughter, although this is not known publicly.



Cherry Bomb appeared in the city and immediately seduced Singularity, for whatever reason.

Cherry was a mercenary hero who joined both Rogue One and the Protectorate while she was in Detroit. After Rogue One's collapse, she became solely a member of the Protectorate.

She participated in the battle against Behemoth in Tokyo.

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