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Tinker Specializing in large mecha refuses to interact with anyone outside his mech due to his severe paranoia.

Status Active
Classification Tinker
Faction Faceless/The league
Age 23
Origin Dalet


Shows up to fights in a giant tracked mech wielding a chain-fist and several guns

Costume Description

No costume underneath his mech other than some old stained clothing



He has no friends only untrustworthy allies


Everyone who hasn't signed the L.E.A.G.U.E membership book and most of those who have


Joined the LEAGUE a small organisation of villain tinkers and kidnapped a member of the forerunners following their first skirmish for territory, this would turn out to be a death sentence for the fledgling faction as following the cape's mutilation by Professor Pain their territory would be annihilated and their members forced to flee to various other factions throughout the city

Parahumans Online

Hes really scary. And killed a kid infront of me i dont like him ~Symphony

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