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Anathema is a vicious Brute and former member of the Faceless. She is a rather transparent expy of Venom from the Spider-Man comic books.

Status Retired
Classification Brute
Faction Faceless
Alias Betty Rock
Age 28
Origin Earth Dalet


Anathema is a Changer who can transform into a hulking, toothy Brute form. This form has high durability and can regenerate damage done to it, but it is also vulnerable to fire and has a mind of its own.

Costume Description

Anathema’s normal “costume” is a simple suit of black body armor with her spider logo on the front and back. This, however, is just what goes on underneath her real costume: the symbiote suit itself. When the symbiote is active, she becomes a towering, toothy mass of inky muscle and tentacles.



Betty Rock previously worked with Achilles Bernard and Patricia Parker at the Daily Doogle in her civilian identity


Betty's trigger event was caused by a villain with an acid power, though he was arrested and soon forgotten.

She considered Spider-Mam her nemesis, blaming Spider-Mam for her trigger.


Anathema briefly worked for the Faceless in her quest for revenge. She battled against the Simurgh during her time in the city, and was protected from the Simurgh's influence by her power.

Parahumans Online

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