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Welcome to the Hive Wiki!

The Hive is a group of Discord roleplaying servers based on the world of the web serial Worm, using various system based on Weaverdice, the roleplaying system created by Worm's author.

Our activity exceeds 25.000 messages a day scattered over a handful of servers, each with their own take on the world of Worm. You can learn more about our systems, skitterdice and wd20. You can read up on our servers. Currently we have sections for Grand Haven and Detroit. You can find invite links on their respective pages.


Please contribute to the wiki! You can learn more about the syntax and test it on the playground. Note that you have to be logged in to edit.

If you want your server to get a category, please let hyper know so he can set it up.

Complaints or Problems?

Contact - or hyper on discord.

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